Facial Treatment & Massage

Tailor made treatment – A good facial should focus on your skin’s needs.

Our experts will recommend the treatment that achieves the best results for you, whether it’s to hydrate dry skin, uneven skin tone, promote a clear complexion or restore a youthful glow. Based on your skin condition & requirements, we carefully design a full treatment program that will resolve issues & needs.

Our specialised treatment is also packed with antioxidants, lactic acid, AHA peeling or purifying mask for detox, these work deeply in the epidermis to encourage the growth of healthy cells & increase cell turnover. This anti-ageing treatment contains a high level of lactic acid, promoting supple, smooth, younger-looking skin.

How deep tissue massage works

Face muscles require exercise to keep you looking younger. By toning up your face muscles you will tighten the skin. Massage is an effective way to exercise your face muscle… it’s a natural facelift & one of the best anti-aging secrets! Stimulating the face muscles helps to bring oxygen to the area; this is a natural form of anti-aging skin care in itself. Massage stimulates blood flow to the area thus increasing collagen production; this gives a healthy & natural glow to the complexion. The massage rejuvenates our blood circulation & flexibility under the skin, this improves the lymphatic flow & allowing your body to release stress & fully relax.

We care for you & teach you to understand how we can resolve the skin condition whilst maintaining youthfulness; we provide a free skin consultation during your session. Protect & love your skin by having your own tailor made treatment as part of your weekly & monthly care.

Types of facial treatment & prices:

  • Deluxe Tailor-made treatment (Female or Male)

According to your skin’s requirements we set the most important steps using specific products.

This includes: purification/ detox, oil therapy tissue massage, improving skin, moisturising & protecting – Price 1.5 hour £55

  • Body massage (Swedish Massage): 60 min £60 & 90 min £75


Different locations incur different travel costs, prices dependant on service requirement & distance.

We provide free skin consultation & after care instructions.

All service prices include VAT.

Contact for details & booking in advance.

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